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Gatherings of like-minded people


The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria  – open to all lovers of embroidery and textiles
from beginner to expert.
TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Arts) – provides publications, conferences and workshops for textile craftspeople. http://www.tafta.org.au/
ATASDA (Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association) – brings together textile enthusiasts, professionals and educators to share knowledge and creativity. http://www.atasda.org.au/



People who have helped me on my textile journey


Dale Rollerson – wonderful tutor and great person!  Always helpful. (see also The Thread Studio) http://downunderdale.blogspot.com/
Ken Smith– great tutor and great fun! http://www.bennett-smith.com/
Carol Wilkes-a bundle of energy!  Marvellous inspiration! http://carolwilkestextiles.com/
Colleen Weste– textile artist and teacher – wonderful silk Shibori (and other painting techniques) teacher. http://www.silkandthreads.com/
Kath Wilkinson– mixed media artist and fun tutor. http://kathwilkinson.com/
Ann-Michelle (Annie) Grose– fabulous teacher of pattern design and drafting.  See her site for loads of classes and workshops. http://www.designerstitch.com.au/



Other wonderful sites and Aladdin’s Caves


The Thread Studio– mail order business specialising in unusual and interesting embroidery threads and textile art supplies.  Also on-line workshops. http://www.thethreadstudio.com/


Open Drawer– art gallery, retail gallery, textile supplies, workshops. http://opendrawer.com.au/
WOW (World of WearableArt)– incredible textile creations to wear! http://www.worldofwearableart.com/
Punch with Judy– online shop for creative sewing. http://www.punchwithjudy.com.au/
Craft Gate – online shop for sewing and craft goods – includes classes, “how to” videos, and the TV Show “SuZan is Craft”. http://craftgate.com.au/